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At XP Autographs, we believe that our long-term success results from the total satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we want to share with you, through this page, our history, our experience and the “secrets” of our company in full transparency.

Born may 10th 1983 in Nice, not far from the Croisette and its famous Cannes film festival, Xavier discovers very early a passion for movies, its legends and its strass. Therefore it is natural that his interest in autographs will arise around the age of 12. It was not until May 1997 that he decided to try to approach his first stars at the 50th Festival de Cannes, unfortunately without success. A few weeks later, in Nice, he obtained his first autograph from James Brown but also his first rejection by Sir Elton John. The beginning of a limitless passion for autograph hunting and meeting, with success or not, with the biggest world stars of all horizons : Jack Nicholson, Elizabeth Taylor, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Gerard Depardieu, Brigitte Bardot, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Johnny Hallyday, Pelé, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Carl Lewis, or with historical figures like Neil Armstrong, Jacques Chirac, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Yves Saint Laurent. This limitless desire to meet the greatest personalities to obtain their precious signatures for his collection, and soon for his customers, will make Xavier travel around the world. In addition to his native French Riviera and its many events and festivals (Cannes, Monte Carlo, St Tropez, Sanremo, Nice), Xavier will regularly travel to Paris for the César awards, for movie premieres, theater shows, fashion- week, TV and radio shows, in Deauville for its American film festival, in London for the BAFTA or other cons, in Berlin or Marrakech for their film festivals, and from 2008 in New York and Los Angeles, twice a year, to add some very rare in Europe names to his collection such as Kirk Douglas, Peter O'Toole, Jane Russell, Kim Novak, Aretha Franklin…

It is only in 2005 that the idea of selling a few autographs was born, first on an auction site, to try to realize his dream of living from his passion. Two years later, in january 2007, the company and the website www.xpautographes.com will be created, which has since become a world reference and one of the leaders of the autograph business.

Since 2013, Xavier and his wife Océane have formed a cohesive, interdisciplinary, and motivated team. Whether it is the search for photos or original documents to get them signed, the informants network to establish, the autographs hunting itself and the extraordinary meetings with celebrities, managing the website, scanning the signed pictures and then putting them on sale, the direct contact with customers, preparation and shipping of orders, after-sales service, everything is done to offer you authentic and quality autographs, and fully satisfy you, almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

XP Autographs team share with you this passion for autographs and the pleasure of collecting extraordinary signatures. Consequently, you will find on this site hundreds of autographs, each with its own history and being the result, sometimes of a hard work, but always of an encounter, whether pleasant or not ...