Authenticity guaranteed

The question of authenticity is fundamental when buying an autograph. That is why we guarantee the authenticity of all the documents we offer for sale.

If we can guarantee this authenticity, it is simply because, as some of you already know, our collection is built on obtaining our autographs "in person" from the celebrities, since 1997.

Today we have a stock made up of thousands of original signatures and we continue daily, through festivals and various events, to obtain our autographs ourselves.

We also sometimes offer autographs from private collections of autograph “hunters” colleagues and friends whom we know personally and who have also obtained their autographs "in person", often in our presence, over the years.

We also remind you that we are established in the world of autographs and that our website has a solid reputation worldwide. In addition, we are members of RACC (Real Autograph Collector Club) and AFTAL (Autograph Fair Trade Association Ltd), two associations of the best autograph sellers around the world and subject to drastic rules and controls.

Finally, note that we can provide a certificate of authenticity, on the form of an unforgeable hologram sticker and stuck to the back of the autographed item, on request to be made imperatively during the purchase or before shipment of your order (our certificates cannot in any cases be delivered separately). On the other hand, a detailed invoice provided with each order and accessible from your personal customer account, will act as a certificate of guarantee and authenticity for life.

Therefore, we guarantee that all our autographs are 100% authentics and originals, we do not sell any copies or pre-printed signatures.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with an autograph, you can return it within 10 days without giving reasons. Your order will be immediately canceled and you will receive a refund of the amount of the autograph upon receipt of your return.


Obtaining and selling autographs is a serious business that must be based on integrity and trust. An autograph signed from the hand of an artist, can be very different depending on whether it is obtained during one period or another of his career, but also if it is signed on a close encounter or in a huge crowd, standing up or seated at a table, carefully or slovenly.

All of this poses now the problem of forgers who flood the autograph market, mainly on auction, e-commerce or classified-ads well-known websites, which absolutely do not regulate these fraudulent sales, for lack of capacity, but also because these numerous sales bring them money. Although serious and recognized sellers also use these sites, unfortunately the majority of the autographs found there are vulgar fakes.

There are a few essential rules to follow in order to spot a fake autograph and thus not to get ripped off. First of all, do your own research on the internet by comparing with authentic examples. You can also seek advice from real experts or collectors on various forums. But the most important thing that should get your attention is the price. If you find a signed photo of Madonna or the Rolling Stones at $20, run away !!! Their value is several hundred dollars, and their authentic autographs are extremely rare. Finally, prefer to buy from recognized professional dealers with an established reputation, who have made the autographs their business and who would have everything to lose by selling forgeries!